PORTS (Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students) is a live, interactive, distance learning, video conferencing program that enables students sitting miles away to engage with Angel Island Immigration Station. This program bridges both distance and economic gaps allowing every child to hear the remarkable West Coast immigration stories.   

Targeted at 11th graders, but designed so teachers can easily adjust for younger grades, the program has a fully developed unit of study on the Immigration Station's history and encourages discussion on contemporary immigration. It meets the Common Core standards, and allows teachers and students to explore immigration, perseverance and tolerance-important and often overlooked components of the new common core standards.

You can view the PORTS program in action here.

What students can expect to learn

The unit consists of four lessons. As a result of completing the classroom lessons and participating in the video conference, students will be able to:

  • Identify multiple perspectives about immigration

  • Connect where the story of Angel Island fits in the USA timeline of historical events

  • Use primary and secondary documents to enrich class discussions

  • Use analytic skills to discern meaning from a primary document

  • Ask questions about their own family history

To sign your class up for PORTS, or to learn more, please visit the Angel Island PORTS website at California State Parks.