We are very grateful for the support of our donor community. With the help of these leaders, we strive to tell the story of Pacific immigration and move toward a more inclusive society. Donors who invested in Angel Island Immigration Station's mission in the last year are recognized below.

The list was updated on September 6, 2017.


A special thanks to our corporate sponsors


Southwest is the official airline of AIISF.



$25,000 and Above

Robert and Lien Chen Family Foundation
Rosemarie and Tae-Hea Nahm
Jerry Yang, Akiko Yamazaki, and family

$10,000 to $24,999

Henry and Priscilla Der
Mary Hackenbracht and Buck Gee
Louella Fung
Hazel Louie
Union Bank Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999

Steve and Maria Kahng
Don Lee
Larry and Doreen Low
Look Lowe Family Trust
Caroline Shin and Sean Pak
Southwest, the official airline of AIISF
Calvin and Gerrye Wong


$2,500 to $4,999

Asian Pacific Fund
David and Lillian Chun
Nobuko Saito Cleary and Gary Cleary
John Cu and Ryan Coulson
Heather Fong
Stuart and Rhoda Hing
Limin Hu
Wesley Lowe
Allen and Pat Okamoto
David and Sharon Seto
Katherine Toy and Tony Tam
Norman and Antonia Tu
Patrick and Christine Yam
Linda Yang
Herbert Yee 

$1,000 to $2,499

Suzanne Chan
William and Gayle Chan
Clement Chen Family Foundation
Rose T.Y. Chen Charitable Foundation
Claudine Cheng
Donald Cheu
Calvin and Dorothy Chew
Kathy Ko Chin and Doug Chin
Paul and Cindy Chin
Richard and Beverly Chong
DAE Advertising
Jerome and Thao Dodson
Lena C. Fong
Ford Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Victor and Frances Gin
Karen Ha
Gerald Hing, The Callison Foundation
Jerrold Hiura
Tom and Loretta Hom
Mr. and Mrs. Chenming Hu
Edward Jang
Japan Society of Northern California
Eva Jones
Michael Kurihara
Sydnie Kohara and George Laplante
Theodore and Doris Lee Family Foundation
Edward and Jennifer Lee
Arthur Leong
Wade and Chisato Loo
Jennie and Sam Louie
William and Phyllis Lowe
Gerry Low-Sabado and Randy Sabado
Sonny and Jennifer Lulla
Hampson and Evangeline Lum
Yue and Jean Mar
Charles and Laurene Wu McClain
Mark and Lisa Melnick
Glenn and Sherri Osaka
Edward and Rhonda Pierce
Portsmouth Plaza Parking Corp.
Wade and Lorna Randlett
Jeff Rhode
John and Susan Roos
Walter Baczkowski, San Francisco Association Of Realtors
Theodore Schulze
Vincent Seid and Zeny Reinheimer-Seid
Lillian Sing
Raymond and Irene Tom
Holly Grochmal and Resh Wallaja
Albert and Anna Wang
Norman and Kathleen Wat
Li Keng and Gee Wong
Stephen and Theresa Woo
Franklin and Sandra Yee
Hester Yee
David Yick
C.C. and Regina Yin
Kou-Ping Yu and Connie Young Yu
Judy Yung and Eddie Fung
Andrew and Flora Zee

$500 - $999

American Immigration Lawyers Association Northern California
Asian Americans for Community Involvement
Amy Brees
Thomas Brunner
Darlene Bryant
M. Butterfield-Brown & Associates Ltd
The California Wellness Foundation
Joseph and Elizabeth Chan
James and Shirley Chang
Jeanette Chang
Larry and Cyndi Chang
Edward and Janet Lee Chen
Bruce and Teri Ching
Daryl Ngee Chinn
Victor Chinn
Jennifer Dere
Harry and Nancy Fong
Keith Fudenna
Wing Buck and Christine Gee
Delbert and Doris Gee
Elizabeth Goldstein
Edith Gong
Debbie Gong-Guy
Linda Hee
Limin Hu
Natalie Huen
Robert and Gladys Ikeda
Irene Hirano Inouye
Douglas and Irene Joe
Jenifer Ju
Ted Kao
Au Kha
Mike King
Paul and Agnes Lam
Bassie Lee
Benny Lee
Frankie and Frances Lee
Marie Lee
Franklin and Daisy Q. Leong
Gene and Mary Lim
John Loh
Darcy Lopes
Sam and Jennie Louie
Sherwin and Margaret Louie
Allan Low and Ginger Lai
Gary and Kelly Matsuura
Sophia Oh-Kim
Nathan Pearl
Daniel Quan and Joanne Woo
Winston and Ruth Shigenaga
Sperry Van Ness
Superior Court of California
Angela Szeto
Alan Tafapolsky
Steve Teraoka
UBS Business Solutions US LLC
Aaron and Maelene Wong
Brian Wong
Ira Wong
Kristi Yamaguchi's Always Dream Foundation
Jayne Yee
David and Jeanne Yip
Victor and Lorraine Young

$250 - $499

Ron and Luci Chan
Audie and Susan Chang
Milton Chen
Robert Chinn Foundation
Curtis Chong
Calvin Dare
Elsie Dep
Michael Ding
Rose Dong
Sylvia Eng
Lucee Rosemarie Fan
Brian and Brenda Fong
Sharon Fong
Derek Fowler
Melinda Franklin
Dianne Fukami
Audrey Gee and Brian Bigalow
William and Mary Geong
Victor and Frances Gin
Stephen Gong
Hal and Rose Gin
Wesley Hom
Robert and Patricia Jacobs
Wade Kawakami
Ann Kim
David Koo and Anna Hackenbracht
George and May Koo
Wei-Tai Kwok and Violet Hsu
Jackie Lai
Lee On Dong Association
Robert and Carolyn Lee
Wayne Lee and Janice Ng
Leon Wong Company
Betty Louie
Charlene Low
Felicia Lowe
Lily Lum
Pang Ly
Connie Martinez
Minami Tamaki, LLP
Michael Mok
John and Susan Muranishi
Nakatomi & Associates
Gloria Naval
Clayton and Barbara Ong
Office of Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Kenneth Pon
Constantino Quintong
Robert Sakai
Edward and Ruth Shikada
Richard Swart
Lena Tam
Charles and Kathy Owyang Turner
Gary Waldeck
Anna Wong
Michael and Dee Dee Wong
Robert and Mildred Wong
Ron and Alice Lowe Wong
Tammy Wong
Jan Yanehiro
Bennett Yee
Nancy Yee

$1 - $249

We also extend our thanks to the many donors who gave between $1 and $249. Your support and friendship are deeply appreciated.



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