Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

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Nikkei Pilgrimage October 3!

AIISF and the National Japanese American Historical Society are partners with the Nichi Bei Foundation on the second Nikkei Angel Island Pilgrimage Saturday, October 3. There will be historic presentations including a dramatic production, exhibits on Japanese immigrant history on Angel Island, free genealogy help, and an open house at the Immigration Station.

For more information and ferry and admission ticket and bento lunch packages, visit the Nichi Bei's site.



Family History and Reunion Day Videos

At this year’s Family History Day a wide variety of speakers shared fascinating stories of the different ethnic groups and nationalities that were detained on Angel Island including: Russians, Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese and Austrians. We captured these on video so you could enjoy the richness and diversity of the American experiences that began on Angel Island.

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Three People Videos Premiere

Take a look at the videos from our 3 People project where high school students made films based on their interviews with elders on their immigration experiences.  These heartfelt, well-crafted short films capture the fears, motivations and challenges the seniors faced in leaving their homelands.

watch videos here...



Join our caring community of donors - Pacific Passages Circle

Help us in our efforts to lift unheard voices and stories of Pacific Coast immigration.




Restoration of the Public Health Service Hospital

During the hospital’s operation from 1910 to 1940, thousands of patients were inspected and treated there. Understanding its history sheds new light on the evolution of public health policies, yet its exhibits will celebrate the voices of the West Coast immigrants who passed through its doors.




Featured Immigrant Voices Story

Nentaro Ide was arrested in Concord, CA in 1942 despite being 75 years old and hardly a threat to the United States. One reason for his arrest was his prior involvement in the martial art of kendo, and his membership in a Japanese Association in Concord, California. While detained in New Mexico, he had a stroke and passed away shortly after World War II ended.

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Virtual Tour of Angel Island Immigration Station

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Year of Arrival 1900

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF) raises awareness of the experience of Immigration into America through the Pacific. AIISF collects and preserves the rich stories and personal journeys of thousands of immigrants, and shares them with visitors and everyone living in America through education initiatives and public programs.   Angel Island Immigration Station reminds us of the complicated history of immigration in America.  It serves as a symbol of our willingness to learn from our past to ensure that our nation keeps its promise of liberty and freedom.

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