Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

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AIISF is pleased to present stories about the immigrant experience. These stories offer testimony to the perseverance, courage and tenacity of immigrants whose belief in the American ideals of freedom and justice was unshakable despite hardships and discrimination.

We invite you to share your immigrant story or about an immigrant you know in our growing web exhibition that will be read by people all over the world.


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Latest Immigrant Story

Chan, Dep and Joy : The Angel Island Stories of Dep and Joy Chan 
by Rachel Shuen, Austin Li Long and Ivonne Gonzalez
Year of Arrival 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Dep and Joy Chan were both immigrants from China who were detained at Angel Island Immigration Station before being allowed entry to start their lives in the United States. Both Mr. and Mrs. Chan arrived in the United States in search of new lives: Mr. Chan purchased papers as the son of a relative, and Mrs. Chan’s father purchased her papers for an arranged marriage to Mr. Chan. They worked hard and eventually purchased their own ranch in Novato, CA, where they raised their family of four. The stories of Mr. and Mrs. Chan demonstrate their determination and desire to build their lives and establish roots as a family in California.

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