October 2017

Great educational value. Made my eyes wet to imagine being there as an immigrant. A must-visit spot on Angel Island.

Rong Y. / YELP



October 2017

The Immigration Station visit is a profound experience.

Walt B. / YELP




October 2017

The Island itself is amazing, the history and the workers on it... the weather was perfect, the fog was rolling through, what an amazing view....

Leslie Y. / YELP




October 2017

Surreal!  It's like going back in time to the early 20th century.  It's a wonderful experience.

Wilson C. / YELP




October 2017

Come here to learn about immigration history of the Pacific Rim.  Not just Asians.  It is eye-opening to think how this applies to today's immigration issues.

Max T. / YELP




July 2018

See how Americans have been treating immigrants for centuries. Certainly worth a visit, take a picnic lunch and enjoy the entire island.

Stephanie K. / YELP