From time to time, we will post articles found in newspapers, magazines, and websites about the U.S. Immigration Station on Angel Island.  The links and articles in this section point to these publications' websites. The views expressed in those articles reflect the opinions of the authors solely.

Angel Island Immigration Station Images for Media Use, please visit HERE.


Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students, which allows school children throughout California to interact with real time with State Parks staff on Angel Island, to learn about its history and immigration issues. The Angel Island PORTS curriculum is fully in compliance with the Common Core guidelines.


Immigrant Voices is AIISF's site to tell the stories of Angel Island and other Pacific Coast immigrants. The stories have expanded beyond our original base of Angel Island immigrants and now include more than 100 stories of Angel Island immigrants and over 50 stories of other immigrants to the Pacific Coast. Please contact us or visit our site (link) if you would like to submit your story or that of your friends or family members.


AIISF is working with the California State Parks on the renovation of the historic Immigration Station hospital into a Center for Pacific Coast Immigration that will tell the story of Pacific Coast immigration throughout United States history, and the public health hospital on the island, one of a very few remaining in the U.S. from the turn of the 20th century. AIISF has raised millions of dollars from state, federal, foundation, corporate and individual sources to preserve and renovate the historic buildings and obtain National Historic Site status for the Immigration Station.