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Nomachar, Punjab to Clovis, CA

1913 | Kehar Singh | Male | 20-39 years old


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Angel Island immigrant: Yes

Place of Origin
Nomachar, Punjab

Place of Settlement
Clovis, CA

Valarie Kaur is an award-winning filmmaker, civil rights advocate, and interfaith leader who centers her work around the power of storytelling. She is the founder of Groundswell at Auburn Seminary, a non-profit initiative with 100,000+ members that equips people of faith to mobilize for social change. Singh, Kehar - immigration file photoFor the last decade, she has led national campaigns responding to hate crimes, racial profiling, immigration detention, and solitary confinement. She and her husband and filmmaking partner Sharat Raju made an eleven-minute film about her grandfather Kehar Singh, and recently learned more from AIISF and the National Archives about Mr. Singh’s detention on Angel Island in 1913. Valarie will be starting work on a book that includes her grandfather’s story

You can read about her grandfather’s pioneering days in Clovis and see her film about her grandfather on YouTube.


Valarie also spoke about her grandfather’s story and its relevance to current events at the National Moral Revival Poor People’s Campaign Watch Night Service on December 31, 2016. See link below.



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