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Guangdong to San Francisco

Born in the USA | Soon Ong Lee Fong

by Veronica Wong (summary)

Angel Island immigrant: Yes

Place of Origin

Place of Settlement
San Francisco

The story of Soon Ong Lee Fong is one of a series of “3 People” videos created by young people at Donaldina Cameron House in San Francisco Chinatown in conjunction with AIISF. For more information about the project, visit our website.


Fong, Soon Ong Lee

Soon Ong Lee Fong

Her daughter-in-law, Lina Fong, tells the story of Soon Ong Lee Fong and her days at the Angel Island Immigration Station. Soon Ong Lee longed to live in America so she could join her husband and create the fulfilling modernized life that she had always dreamed of. Like the many thousands who wished to be in the U.S, Soon Ong Lee Fong had to first go though Angel Island where she waited for seventeen days before being granted entry. Lina Fong shares her mother-in-law’s great stories of perseverance and uplifting attitude towards being an immigrant who came through Angel Island.


Camera – Jared Lue, Samantha Wong, Sam Wu, Vienna Wu
Sound – Matt Chen, Shawn Li



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