Selected websites featuring Angel Island Immigration Station

Ancestors in the Americas
A multi-part series project for public television on the experience of Asian in America from the 1700s to the 1900s produced by the Center for Educational Telecommunications. Website includes a timeline, historical primary source documents (such as immigration documents), and links to ways on how to look for Asian American family history and genealogy.

Angel Island: Immigrant Journeys of Chinese Immigrants
An oral history project by journalist Lydia Lum documenting Chinese immigrants and former detainees living in the Houston area . The site is based on a photography exhibit which premiered in May 1998, and includes excerpts of interviews and photographs of the former detainees.

Angel Island Immigration Station Reconsidered: Non-Asian Encounters with the Immigration Laws, 1910-1940 by Maria Sakovich, public historian

Public historian Maria Sakovich has shared her 250+ page investigative project, "Angel Island Immigration Station Reconsidered: Non-Asian Encounters with the Immigration Laws, 1910-1940," completed in 2002. Sakovich examined Immigration and Naturalization Service correspondence and case files and documents how the Angel Island station functioned as a hub for a cluster of activities concerned with protecting the country from immigrants considered undesirable or unfit. You can download a copy here.


Maria also wrote an article for the National Archives' website, When the "Enemy" Landed at Angel Island. She notes that the federal government used the Immigration Station to bar hostile aliens and deport resident "radicals" during World War I.

Angel Island Poetry, Department of English, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign English Department has compiled essays, historical information and photos about Angel Island as well as a chronology of Asian American history from different sources.

California State Parks Museum Collection
Many of the historical photographs on our website are part of the collection from the California State Parks Photographic Archives.  If you are interested in using these photos, please contact the California State Parks Photographic Archives. To view more from the collection, please click here.

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, Stimulating Conversation on Immigration and Related Issues
This network of 14 immigration history museums across the United States and Europe came together in August 2008 to foster a new national and international conversation on immigration today.

Li Keng Wong’s Angel Island experience on
Former Angel Island detainee Li Keng Wong’s story is featured on the Scholastic site, as part of a special feature highlighting Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May 2003.

made in USA: Angel Island Shhh by Flo Oy Wong, Kearny Street Workshop
This site highlights visual artist Flo Oy Wong’s installation consisting of twenty-five rice sack flags, based on the artist’s interviews with both former Angel Island Immigration detainees and their descendents. Photographs of the artwork, Angel Island poems and essays are featured on the site. Other work by Flo Oy Wong is featured at

National Archives and Records Administration Early Arrivals Records Search
This site’s database allows researchers to do a search of the case files for early immigrants though San Francisco and Honolulu. The site is a cooperative endeavor between the Institute of Business and Economic Research and the Haas School of Business (both at the University of California, Berkeley) and the National Archives and Records Administration. This site was organized by Bob Barde, Deputy Director of the Institute of Business and Economic Research, University of California, Berkeley.

Paper Son, by Byron Yee
Comedian Byron Yee’s site features his research on his family history, discovering that his father was a paper son. This site includes immigration records, interrogation papers and historic photos.

Pacific Link: The KQED Asian Education Initiative
Pacific Link, the KQED Asian Education Initiative, is a project of KQED Education Network (EdNet) designed to help educators and community audiences teach and learn about Asia and Asian America. The site contains educational video short about Immigration Station, with accompanying lesson plans and web-based content resources.

Poetic Waves, Chinese Immigration History
Angel Island: Poetic Waves is designed to deliver the early Asian American immigrant experience to the viewer. Utilizing the Web and multimedia, this project displays the poetry and interviews from immigrant detainees to give the most accurate description of their time on Angel Island. The content of Poetic Waves also includes an interactive timeine, photo gallery, and immigration station tour. The website was intended to portray the despair many detainees may have felt.

Separate Lives, Broken Dreams, by Jennie Lew, CAAM
A companion to Jennie Lew’s film Separate Lives, Broken Dreams, this site explores the deep and broad impact that Chinese Exclusion had on individual lives, families, and entire communities in America and China. This detailed and comprehensive site includes a glossary and examples of case files from the National Archives.

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