The story of Soon Ong Lee Fong is one of a series of "3 People" videos created by young people at Donaldina Cameron House in San Francisco Chinatown in conjunction with AIISF. For more information about the project and for video credits, visit our website.


Casey Chow learns about his family history through his maternal grandfather, Benny Chow. In 1951, Mr. Chow left Hong Kong arriving in Boston, Massachusetts in December of that same year to join his father (Casey Chow's great grandfather). After working various types of jobs and establishing himself in the U.S, Benny Chow sends for his wife and children after sixteen years apart. Casey Chow 's mother, daughter of Benny Chow, also shares her story of how reluctant she was at first to make the move to a new country. In reflection of everything, three generations of the Chow family share how lucky they feel to be able to all be together today.

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