3 People Video Premiere

Take a look at the videos from our 3 People project where high school students made films based on their interviews with elders on their immigration experiences. These heartfelt, well-crafted short films capture the fears, motivations and challenges the seniors faced in leaving their homelands.

Making these films proved a journey for the students themselves. A project undertaken in partnership with AIISF, Donaldina Cameron House and the Center for Asian American Media, project producer Anson Ho taught the Cameron House kids video production and interviewing skills.

The interviews were often emotional as the seniors told their stories to the young people who captured the moments on tape. To paraphrase one of the students, “This started out as fun, but I quickly learned how important capturing these stories is.”



The story of Doreen Soohoo during China’s Cultural Revolution and her experiences as a young immigrant in San Francisco. Interviewed by Kristen Huey and Vienna Wu

Camera – Matthew Chen, Leanna Fong, Andrew Huang, Ken Huang, and Samantha Wong
Assistant Camera – Justin Wong
Sound – Jared Lue



Originally from Saigon, Ming Quan Chang shares her experiences in war-torn Vietnam and how she adjusted to life in America. Interviewed by Sam Wu and Brandon Yuen.

Camera – Atticus Flores, Juliana Mak, and Owen Wong
Assistant Camera – Shawn Li
Sound – Kristen Huey



Hong Ching Ng immigrated to America in 1997 seeking a more secure life and to join her family who had arrived earlier. Interviewed by her granddaughter, Juliana Mak and Rosa Zhang.

Camera – Anson Ho and Cody Szeto



The story of Soon Ong Lee Fong and her days at the Angel Island Immigration Station as told by her daughter-in-law, Lina Fong. Interviewed by Lina’s daughter, Leanna Fong and Alex Ye.

Camera – Jared Lue, Samantha Wong, Sam Wu, Vienna Wu
Sound – Matt Chen, Shawn Li



Casey Chow learns about both his grandfather, Benny Chow and mother’s immigration stories. Interviewed by Ken Huang and Wayland Lee.

Camera – Jared Lue, Samantha Wong, Vienna Wu, Rosa Zhang
Assistant Camera – Matthew Chen and Justin Wong
Sound – Atticus Flores and Henry Li



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