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Wells, Kiyoko : Kiyoko’s Story of Migration: In Search of Opportunities and A Better Life by Kristy P
Year of Arrival 1953

Personal Notation: Kiyoko Wells and I met each other by chance, as a result of a series of rolling blackouts that affected Southern California, during a hot summer day, a few years ago. She lives several houses away from my parents’ home, and after a random encounter and conversation with one of my sisters, my family has cultivated a profound friendship with Kiyoko, so much so that we consider her part of our family.

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Wong, Nea Woo : June Wong Chen’s quest to tell the journeys of father Nea Woo Wong and other family members by Grant Din
Year of Arrival 1915

June Wong Chen began her quest to learn about her ancestors’ journeys to America in the mid-1980s when her almost 90-year old father gave her for safekeeping a booklet which recorded his sworn statements during his interrogation sessions on Angel Island in 1915, as well as his uncle/paper father’s testimony in Los Angeles. This started her on a seven-year journey to learn about what they went through so she could tell future generations. Although she was born in Stockton, June spent ages 2-17 in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China and has an amazing, multi-generational story to tell.

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Wong, Hoy Fun : A Life Worth Living by Linda Wing
Year of Arrival 1876

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Wong, Chong Mun : Wong Chong Mun: Hero to His Son by Linda Wing
Year of Arrival 1899

Wong Chong Mun was born in 1871 in the village of Cheng Gong. He was an only child.

Chong Mun wanted to become a doctor but his father Wong Hoy Fun rejected this idea because he believed that bad luck would strike if a patient passed away. All the same, Chong Mun became well educated, obtaining the equivalent of a Ph.D., financing his schooling with money his father sent home to China from the US where he was a sojourner.  Hoy Fun encouraged Chong Mun to become a government official and live off graft, as was the custom of the time. Accordingly, Chong Mun went to Beijing to take the imperial examination to qualify for a government position, but he did not do well on the test.  Village school superintendent was the job he subsequently found instead.

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Wong, Calvin : Calvin Chew Wong's Family: Four Generations of Immigrants by Gerrye Wong
Year of Arrival 1938

Calvin Chew Wong’s family history in America began in 1881 when his great grand-uncle Wong Ock Yen came to America at the age of 17 to San Francisco, California. Although he was the younger brother of Calvin’s great grandfather, Wong Ock Dung, he was sent to America first because the older brother who recently married was expecting his first born son, Calvin’s grandfather Wong Lip Chin. Calvin’s great grandfather eventually came over in 1884 or 1885 as a laborer even though he was educated and could read and write Chinese. Soon after his arrival, he got a job as a bookkeeper for the local Chinese businesses. He eventually earned enough money to buy a grocery store in Alameda, California.

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Wong, Li Keng : Li Keng Gee Wong: Educator, Storyteller, National Treasure by AIISF
Year of Arrival 1933

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Wong, Shee : Teacher, Mother, Wife by Larisa Proulx
Year of Arrival 1922

On November 16, 1922, Wong Shee, a 33-year-old schoolteacher, mother, and wife, arrived in Hong Kong with her 14-year-old son. Leaving their village in China was the first leg of their journey to be with her husband and his father in America. After about ten days in Hong Kong, the mother and son boarded a ship bound for San Francisco.  Her husband, a businessman who operated a meat market in Chinatown, had an attorney prepare their paperwork and awaited their arrival in America. Ahead of them was a journey that required hopeful determination. This is their immigration story.

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Wong, Myron (Yao Nam) : Through a Child’s Eyes: Myron Wong (Wong Yao Nam) and His Immigration Experience by Erika Alvarez
Year of Arrival 1940

Though many detained in the purgatory of Angel Island remember it with no great fondness, for Myron Wong, it was simply part of a boy’s great adventure. It brought the 10-year-old Wong Yao Nam from the mountainous Chinese province of Guandong across the sea to America to live with a father he had never met. It is an immigrant story that begins with ancestors; is triggered, as so many are, by war; is sprinkled with hardships and hard work; and ultimately ends well, with an old man looking back on a full and happy life.

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Wong, Helen Hong : Reminiscences of a Gold Mountain Woman by Helen Hong Wong and Judy Yung
Year of Arrival 1928

Judy Yung met and interviewed Helen Hong Wong, a.k.a. Yuen Lan Heung, in 1982 while researching the history of Chinese women in America.  A petite and spry woman of seventy-four years, Helen immigrated to the United States in 1928.  During the interview she was quite candid about her detention experience at Angel Island, her hardworking life in the Midwest, where she was often the only Chinese woman in town, and her struggles raising a family of four children during the Great Depression.  Although she never realized her Gold Mountain dream of a life of wealth and leisure, she nevertheless found fulfillment in her work, family, and community.  Helen made her home in Chicago, where she passed away in 2001 at the age of ninety-three.

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Wong, Moon Tung : Eat More Potatoes and Go Back to China: The Life of Moon Tung Wong by Edward Wong
Year of Arrival 1929

As a child, I was often confused about the three different names associated with my father. First, there was Fook Gooy Wong, the name on his citizenship papers. Then there was Frank Wong or Frankie as he was known to the customers at the laundry he and my mother, Siu Fong Yu Wong, ran for 40 years in Hollywood, CA. And finally, there was Wong Moon Tung, a name only used by his friends and cronies from Bak Hang Toon, his birth village.

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Wong, Tyrus : A Profile of Tyrus Wong by Rosalind Chang
Year of Arrival 1920

Immigrant Voices is a collection of stories of Angel Island and Pacific immigrant experiences.  We are proud to present a profile of Tyrus Wong, a renowned artist and kitemaker, as he prepares to celebrate his 100th birthday.

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Wong, Poy (James) : Life in America (Nov 11, 1901 – Jan 4, 1990) by Linda Lum
Year of Arrival 1916

Wong Poy began his life in America with three months of interrogations, but he was finally landed in March 1916.  After working and studying in San Francisco, he moved to Augusta, GA where he spent many years in the grocery business.  He finally settled in Oakland, CA.

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Wong-Woo, Harmon : Video Interview with Harmon Wong-Woo by AIISF
Year of Arrival 1938

In the summer of 1997 and 1998, several former detainees returned to Angel Island where they were interviewed in the detention barracks.  Here's an interview with Harmon Wong-Woo.

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