New Grants Launch Effort to Bring the Angel Island Immigration Station to Classrooms Statewide

We’re proud to announce recent grants received from Yahoo! Inc., California State Parks, and the California State Parks Foundation that will bring our Immigrant Journey curriculum to schools throughout California through the Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students (PORTS) program.

“We are deeply grateful for the support and validation of these three funders, and their individual awards of $5,000 each,” McKechnie said. “In collaborating with us to make these important educational resources available state-wide, they set a unique example we know will inspire other funders to join us. Thanks to the advocacy of Tony Tam at Yahoo, we have a leading international company joining with a private foundation and a government agency, all coming together around a common cause to serve our community.”

With the three grants totaling $15,000, we’ll be able to start Phase 1, creating web-based units incorporating real-time videoconferencing that allows kids to interactively explore the Angel Island Immigration Station and the experience of the individuals who passed through it.  We’ll produce a standards-based, multi-disciplinary program ranging from history and language arts to sociology and political science drawing on the diverse resources of the Immigration Station and our Immigrant Voices personal story collection.

AIISF will need to raise an additional $35,000 to implement Phase II of the project which, building on the success of Phase I, will provide the interpretive training and special equipment needed to beam the module using emerging technologies to all schools in California.